This ULTIMATE Done for You service deals with all the complexities of trade mark registration process in the UK, DK, SE and or the EU

All the way to receiving your own registered Trade mark

Céleste can register your trade mark faster, without compromising on the quality of her work, than you can because of her extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the trade mark legislation. With this particular package You get the feeling you get when you have booked a room in a Boutique Hotel, because Céleste has added in a plethora of extra goodies and services to make you feel that extra special.

Invest in Yourself and Your Business - Purchase Today

Trade mark Registration is Vital for Real Business Success

We all have one thing in common, in that we want to create and build assets from our creative endeavours.

Registering your Trade mark is an essential step in the process of building and creating valuable business assets, which can be leveraged whilst growing and scaling your business!

Adding value multipliers throughout the entire business lifecycle.



Unfortunately not a week goes by without hearing some horror story in the press, or on social media about a business owner who had their product idea legally stolen by their competitors or a big powerful corporation.

Sometimes even losing the right to use their business or personal name

Forcing them to undergo all the stress and cost renaming and rebranding the business, creating a new website, and not to mention the shame of having to explain to your customers why!

Would you just throw in the towel?

No wonder so many just give up all together
Totally letting go of their dreams and passion.
The blood sweat and tears they endured for years in order to create and get the business off the ground.
Just closing the business down.


It’s Now Time to Take Control

Invest in your Business

You are able to take your business to the market in a bigger and bolder way.

Stronger Position

Your business will be in a stronger position when

  • Licensing your products or services to franchisees, or businesses in other markets

  • Taking on investors to grow and scale your business

  • Handling theft of your ideas and intellectual property

  • Your Business will be worth more to you, as you will be able to benefit from an increased Multiple, when it becomes time to enact your exit plan

There are significant advantages to owning intellectual property rights.
SMEs that invest in the protection of their intellectual property have 29% higher revenue per employee,
About six times as many employees.
As well as the fact that those companies pay 20% higher wages than companies that do not own intellectual property rights
— the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Abbreviated OHIM / OAMI. Today it’s called EUIPO) in 2015

“Céleste has helped me in the middle of the process of having the trade mark registered, the logo and the company name Powerjobsoegerne. It was a huge help to me, and I regret not knowing that such an option was possible from the beginning because the whole process would have gone faster and smoother.

I recommend to all start ups that they make use of Céleste’s skills in relation to the trade mark registration - the process will be much swifter and you avoid having to deal with all the correspondence that comes with it. Céleste has an enormous amount of professional knowledge and is highly devoted to her vocation.”


“I, Peter Franklin Würtz, contacted Céleste, at GRAND IPR®️, following an interaction on LinkedIn. We needed to ensure the company’s assets properly during the start-up phase because there are already quite a few who are interested in what we can and do. Céleste has a simple trade mark package solution that we bought and we actually received more advice than originally agreed. We appreciated that. I recommend that other start ups make use of her knowledge in the field of trade marks. Today our trademark is registered in Denmark, and it gives a certain peace of mind. We will continue with registration in other countries along the way. Thank you very much! Peter”




Céleste, is a fully-trained Master of Law specialising in brand & content protection, copyrights, and trademarks.

Her mission is to help or inspire you to understand and appreciate the importance of protecting your business' intellectual property rights, content, and thus your livelihood. With less worrying about your brand comes more time to spend staying in your zone of genius, on growing your business… and more profits!


Social proof or References


What can you Trade mark?

Your logo. Your business name. Your content that you poured hours of your life into.

You know you need a trade mark - but you’re not sure where to start.

And it’s true… securing a trade mark can be a lengthy, intensive process. It’s easy to put off, ultimately risking your business bottom line.

We work together closely to ensure that all the information you have is put to good use ensuring that your trade mark does become registered.



This is the ULTIMATE PLATINUM VIP PACKAGE - where Céleste takes care of almost everything because she does require some information from you.
You then lean back and focus on what you are good at! With this particular package You get the feeling you get when you have booked a room in a Boutique Hotel, because Céleste has added in a plethora of extra goodies to make you feel that extra special.

Céleste can register your trade mark faster than you can, without compromising the quality of her work, because of her extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the trade mark legislation. She also has strategic ways of dealing with things and understands the terminology.

Commences with an in person VIP Day to kick-start the whole process

  • Be pampered by Céleste with a full-body Healing session and an Access Consciousness Bars®️ session* to get you in the right frame of mind. Valued at £749.00

  • Lunch and refreshments during the day included - Valued at £497

  • Handle all the paperwork and communication with the trademark authority You get to do what you do best!

  • Ensuring the legality of all transactions - you stay focused on your zone of genius

  • Ensuring that your company's brand is categorised correctly in relation to the Nice classifications.

  • Bonus: stop scam artists from charging false fees from you: Defending you from scammers. - Valued at £5,997

  • Bonus: Handling any infringements: fighting your corner if someone encroaches upon your rights during the registration period and the first 12 months after the registration is completed. - Valued at £10,732

  • Bonus: National registration, for up to 2 Trade Marks within the same business, fee included - valued at £4,000, in reality invaluable since it varies from business to business

  • Bonus celebration when the certificate arrives to mark your successful registration - valued at £597

This means that the added bonusse’s makes this package worth more than the price for this package itself at £22,572 and yet your investment is £16,226 in total.

*Both the Healing (Reiki) session & Access Consciousness Bars®️ sessions are undertaken fully clothed

Invest in Yourself and Your Business - Purchase Today

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