These terms and conditions apply, unless otherwise explicitly agreed. This applies to any type of task that GRAND IPR®️ LTD assumes.

You means the person or entreprise desiring to get a trade mark registered

Me or I means GRAND IPR ®️ LTD

The Services means either the Silver, Whitegold or Platinum Trade Mark Package. GRAND IPR®️ LTD will handle all contact with the relevant trade mark authorities, and all related matters, such as dealing with infringement issues, during, if that is part of the package in question, the registration process unless otherwise stated in the specific package details.

The Agreed Investment means £ VAT included. (The agreed investment may vary according to the trade mark package you opt for)

Project Length means the amount of time for the completion of this trade mark registration.

Here Is What We Have Agreed:

You have agreed that you wish me to provide The Services to you involving Trade mark Registration, and that in exchange you will pay the Agreed Investment.

I have agreed to provide The Services in exchange for the Agreed Investment. This agreement sets out the practical details and terms on which the Services will be provided.

1. I Will

1.1 I will provide you with The Services in exchange for the Agreed Investment. If we agree that I will provide any further services, they will be provided for such further investment sum as we may agree and on the same terms as set out in this agreement.

1.2 In order to provide The Services to the best of my ability, from time to time I may require information from you or for you to carry out certain assignments or actions. My provision of the Services depends upon you promptly providing the information and performing the assignments or actions which I may reasonably ask of you.

2. Your Responsibility

You will be personally responsible for providing all the relevant information that is needed by my company in order to perform the Trade Mark Registration.

We have discussed what you hope to achieve from the Services provided. Every registration is different and therefore I cannot guarantee any specific results.

3. Money Matters

3.1 The Agreed Investment is due before the date specified in my invoice. Where no invoice has been raised, payment of the Agreed Investment is due within 7 days of booking the Services.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment must be made in full before I will commence any work related to the The Services.

3.2 You will pay or reimburse me promptly for any VAT, and additional expenses or third party charge that we may agree from time to time.

3.3 You will make all payments in cleared funds to the bank account, Paypal or other account that I notify to you and you will pay any charges for such payments.

3.4 No refunds will be given if you change your mind after agreeing to set the wheels in motion for the Trade mark Registration to commence and if you fail to pay the whole amount by the due date, all Services will be suspended and you will remain
liable to pay the amount due, unless otherwise expressly specified.

3.5 You will be responsible for paying your own costs and expenses in connection with the Services including but not limited to any internet, email, and telephone charges, not to mention the actual registration fee unless otherwise agreed.

4. Timings

4.1 No refunds will be given for any Services not taken up by the Completion Date.

4.2 However, any dates and times agreed between us for the provision of the Services may be varied by me at my discretion and time shall not be of the essence in the performance of these Services.

5. We Respect Each Other’s Confidences

5.1 During the provision of the Services, we are both likely to share information which is personal, sensitive or confidential (in that it is not generally known in public) and which may relate to our personal or business affairs. (“Confidential Information”). In my case, Confidential Information includes my Content.

5.2 We agree to respect each other’s privacy. We will not disclose any of each other’s Confidential Information to anyone (unless required to do so by law) and will use it only for the purposes of this agreement.

6. We Respect Each Other

6.1 We will both act in a professional, courteous and respectful manner towards each other at all times, and you will also act in this
way in any dealings you may have with any other clients, anyone acting on my behalf or any other person that I introduce to you in connection with the Services.

6.2 We agree to openly discuss any issues that may arise between us. In particular, you agree to
raise any concerns you may have directly with me and will not disclose any concerns in public or to any third party except in confidence to your legal advisor or as required by law.

6.3 We agree to respect each other in any written or oral comments we may make regarding each other, The Services in particular, in any online forum or platform, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo and other social media services.

7. We Respect Copyright

7.1 I work hard to create my Content and I or my licensors own the worldwide copyright, design and other proprietary rights in my

You confirm that all rights in my Content belong to me or my licensors and that your use of them under this agreement does not give
you any rights in or to my Content.

I confirm the same in relation to Your Content.

7.2 You are welcome to write, record or make a copy of any of my Content for your own personal or educational use, but otherwise you are not permitted to write, record, reproduce or copy any of my Content (in any shape or form), nor to share, give, trade, or sell any of
it to others, or in any way commercially exploit any of my Content, whether in hard copy, photograph, sound recording, digital, analogue, online, electronically or in any other form.

7.3 I agree to take reasonable care to ensure that Your Content does not come into the hands of anyone else and if you (or I) become aware that anyone is or may infringe any of Your intellectual or proprietary rights in any of Your Content, you will notify me at once in writing.

You agree the same in relation to my Content.

7.4 This agreement is also protected by copyright and you agree to respect the copyright in it. The terms of clause 7.2 above also apply to the wording of this agreement. In particular, you are not permitted to copy the whole or any part of this agreement for use in your
own or another’s business.

8. The Results Are Up To The relevant Patent & Trademark Authorities

8.1 I agree to provide the Services with all reasonable care but I do not accept any responsibility nor give any warranties, representations or assurances regarding the results of the Services, your engagement in the Services or decisions made or actions taken by you as a result of the Services, except those implied by law.

9. Our Liability

9.1 Whilst I will take all reasonable steps to perform my responsibilities under this agreement, my liability to you in connection with
this agreement or breach of it, is limited to the amount you have paid up to that point for the Services.

9.2 I will not be liable for any consequential or indirect losses. Nor will I be liable for any delay in performing the Services which results from circumstances or events beyond my reasonable

9.3 You also agree to take all reasonable steps to perform your responsibilities under this agreement. And you agree to indemnify me or any person acting on my behalf or engaged by me to assist in the performance of the Services, for all actual or reasonably foreseeable losses, costs, claims or demands suffered by me or such person as a result of your acts or omissions. You will not be liable for any delay in performing your obligations arising directly from events beyond your reasonable control.

9.4 For the avoidance of doubt and in spite of any provision above, neither party’s liability is limited in respect of any matter for which it is not possible in law to limit liability.

9.5 Indemnity
I am not covered by an indemnity insurance.

10. Ending Our Agreement

10.1 Either of us may end this agreement immediately by giving the other person written notice

10.1.1 The other person commits a major breach of this agreement. In this event the terminating party must first give the other person written notice specifying the breach and requiring them to take specific steps to put the breach right within 14 days. If they fail to do so, then the terminating party may give written notice that the agreement is terminated with immediate effect.

10.1.2 The other person is declared bankrupt or seeks to negotiate with or is a party to any voluntary arrangement with creditors.

10.1.3 The other person is admitted to hospital under, or made the subject of, any order under any mental health legislation.

10.2 If this agreement ends early under one of these provisions, or if either party dies during the agreement, I will no longer be obliged to provide the Services but all other rights and obligations of the parties incurred up to that point will not be affected. If any Services have been partially completed but not paid for, I may invoice you for, and you will pay promptly, a reasonable pro rata proportion of the Agreed Investment.

11. An Attitude of Gratitude

11.1 You agree that during the duration of the services I may take your photograph and record sound or video recordings of you, and that I will have free use of these during or after completion of the Services, together with your name, in future speeches, programmes, mentoring, products or services that I may provide to third parties or the public generally.

11.2 However I agree that any such use will respect your Confidential Information and that I will only use any part of your Confidential Information with your express consent. You expressly agree that the fact that you have worked with me during the Services and any written or oral comments you may make about me, my Services or Content do not constitute Confidential Information.

11.3 You agree that I may have free use of your Trade mark, once it has been registered, agreed in advance, and reprint or reproduce in any form any positive words you may write or say about me or the Services, for marketing and promotional purposes during and or after completion of the Services.

12. Final Details

We will send any notices by email with a Skype conversation, Zoom call, text or telephone message to confirm that an email has been sent. The notice is given as soon as the confirmation message is given.

Personal Agreement:
This agreement is personal to each of us and we will not transfer any of our rights or obligations to anyone else.

Neither party will be considered to have waived any rights if they fail or delay in insisting on the performance by the other of any provision of this agreement.

Invalid Terms:
If a court holds that any terms of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, that will not affect the rest of the

Nothing in this agreement means that we have created a partnership, agency or employment relationship.

Entire Agreement:
All the terms of our agreement are contained in this document and it supersedes any prior arrangements, understandings or conversations between us. It can only be changed by written agreement between us.

The headings in this agreement are for convenience only. They do not form part of the agreement and are not to be used in the interpretation of it.

The words “writing” or “written” in this agreement include email.

This agreement and all claims and disputes under it are governed by English law and each party agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Costs: Each party will bear their own costs, including legal costs, in relation to any claim or dispute under this agreement.

13. Agreement Comes Into Effect

This agreement comes into effect as soon as you pay my invoice, part of it or confirm and sign these Terms and Conditions and the agreement ends upon completion of the Services provided. Any rights and liabilities accrued up to that date will not be affected by the ending of the agreement.