These terms and conditions apply, unless otherwise explicitly agreed. This applies to any type of task that GRAND IPR®️ assumes.

2.Assignment reception
In order to safeguard against incompetence and conflicts of interest, this will be checked with existing customers and possibly employees too. 

2b) The Money Laundering Act requires companies, including GRAND IPR®️, to retrieve certain identity information from new clients.
This is to ensure money laundering does not take place and as a security measure against terrorism funding.
Upon filing, clients must provide CPR / CVR and other identification information including name and address. In the case of foreign customers, they must similarly provide identification information. According to Danish legislation, this information must be kept for at least 5 years after the end of the collaboration.

2c) Advisory agreement, if applicable, may at times, be prepared by GRAND IPR®️ upon receipt of the assignment. Here the task / tasks are described briefly and the price is stated.
This can be either as hourly rate or possibly a fixed total price.

2d) A commitment has been made to advise and execute all tasks in accordance with the ethical rules and in accordance with good practice regarding legal advice.

3. Fees
 Taking into consideration that GRAND IPR®️ is specialised in intellectual property rights, which is to say that it is highly specialised knowledge that forms the basis of counselling. This is  the basis for calculating the fee and assuming the time taken. In addition, the nature and economic values, interests and final result of the case are considered to be the basis for the calculation.

If an emergency response is requested, this may result in an increased fee calculation.

3b) Cost-related expenses and expenses, such as fees, in certain relevant cases catering for travel and reasonable costs, as well as stays, in some cases major copy or shipping costs and external transmission expenses are borne by the client in addition to the fee.

3c) The fees for the salary may depend on the complexity of the individual assignment, so differentiated hourly rates will occur. These prices may range from DKR 2.950,00  excluding VAT and upwards.

3d) Upon request, GRAND IPR®️ can provide price estimates, which are based on a reason for the price. Should this price estimate of unforeseen as well as foreseen reasons be exceeded, the client will be informed accordingly, without undue delay.

3e) GRAND IPR®️ must not receive trusted funds, either from the client or on its behalf.

3f) In certain cases, GRAND IPR®️ may require prepayment or deposit to cover fees, fees or expenses for processing the assignment.

The funds for the above may only be of such size as a prudent estimate may be assumed to constitute a reasonable fee for the present assignment.


3g) GRAND IPR®️ requires prepayment up front  for all tasks and or higher external costs, as already stated.

3h) Delayed payment results in a 2% interest rate on a month. There is a fee of DKR 100,00 excluded VAT per sent reminder.

4) Confidentiality, Liability and Copyright
All information is treated as confidential, unless it is clear from the circumstances that they are not confidential. All employees / partners and employees of GRAND IPR®️ are subject to the provisions of the Legal Counselling Act, and thus be bound by professional secrecy.

4b) GRAND IPR®️ and its employees are responsible according to Danish law's general rules for the advice and advice given to our clients. Unless otherwise expressly stated / agreed, we are solely responsible to the client. The foregoing liability does not include operating losses, loss of data, lost profits, goodwill, image or other forms of indirect loss.

GRAND IPR®️ does not assume responsibility / liability for any errors that advisers referred to by the client have committed. GRAND IPR®️ is also not liable for any subcontractors' errors in the event that parts of the assignment were handed over to them for solving the task.

4c) The written material submitted by GRAND IPR®️, in connection with the case, naturally client  is entitled to use. However, all intellectual property rights and copyrights remain with GRAND IPR®️ for this material. This means that the client may not use the material produced and / or the work result in a context other than that covered by the assignment for our client, without the express written permission of GRAND IPR®️.


5) Other provisions

5a) The client's interests indicate that GRAND IPR®️ performs its work in accordance with the legitimate considerations. The tasks they took are thus continued, until they are resolved and completed, unless the client requests completion of the assignment.

Due and unpaid bills that remain unpaid in spite of sentenders, or in case of insolvency with the client, GRAND IPR®️ reserves the right to terminate the processing of the job. In exceptional cases, GRAND IPR®️ finds itself unable to assume responsibility for the processing of the task or it is considered to be in the client's interest that GRAND IPR®️ does not continue to provide assistance, may be reserved for withdrawal of the relationship / assignment. This will prompt the client immediately without prior notice.

5b) Law and Venue
Advice and assistance provided by GRAND IPR®️ as well as these terms and conditions are governed by Danish law. The venue is Copenhagen City Council.

6) Disclaimer

All information and content on the page available at www.grandipr.dk is available by the GRAND IPR®️ IVS to the public.

This is intended solely as a service for the provision of general information regarding intellectual property rights. GRAND IPR®️ aims for this information to be updated and current, but in no way means that the content mentioned above is updated and correct at all times. Thus, any liability arising from any inaccurate or erroneous information may arise from the use of the information on the page.

The use or reading of the above information does not create a counsellor / client relationship with GRAND IPR®️, and the information on the site can not supersede advisory of a specific nature either of an industrial or legal nature.

As mentioned, in several places, all information on this page is protected by applicable copyright laws. This means that all copying of the texts, with the exception of the technical copying that occurs at the browser's reading of the page, is not permitted without prior written permission from GRAND IPR®️.


7) Information to the client related to insurance matters

The undersigned hereby declare that I do not have liability insurance, which means that I only may be required to cover the claims that may arise as a result of errors or deficiencies in the representation of you in the case. As a client, you risk that your claim for damages can not be honoured.