Ultimate VIP Platinum Trade Mark Package

Ultimate VIP Platinum Trade Mark Package


Your logo. Your business name. Your content that you poured hours of your life into.

You know you need a trade mark, but you’re not sure where to start.

And it’s true… securing a trade mark can be a lengthy, intensive process. It’s easy to put off, ultimately risking your business bottom line.

It’s even easier to let Céleste from GRAND IPR take care of the Trade Mark Registration.

This is the Ultimate VIP PLATINUM package - where Céleste takes care of most of the things needed, however she does require some information from you. When that is done you lean back and focus on what you are good at!

Céleste can register your trade mark faster than you can, because she knows the ins and outs of the trade mark legislation and because she has all the strategic ways of doing it and she understands the terminology.

✅Legal consultation in the creative phase 1 hour if necessary.

✅Handle all the paperwork and communication with the trademark authority. 

✅Ensuring the legality of all transactions, stop scam artists from charging false fees from you.

✅ Ensuring that your company's brand is categorised correctly in relation to the Nice classifications. 

✅Handling any infringements during the registration period.

✅On top of this comes an in person VIP day to kick start the whole process where you are pampered by Céleste with a full body healing session and a bars session complete with questions to open up to all the possibilities out there.

Both Bars & Healing sessions are conducted fully clothed. The healing is a full body treatment where she places her hands on or very close to your body and sends universal energy through it. Where as a bars treatment consists of 32 points to the head and accompanying questions and clearing statements. She mentors you through this whole process. In both treatments you are lying upon her massage table to receive the treatment of a lifetime.

Your future benefit: you will have gone through the healing and bars sessions to help you get into the right frame of mind and have been mentored by her all the way forward. On top of this your trade mark is registered and as such much more valuable not only to you but to potential investors or people who desire purchasing licenses to sell your products or services.

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Healing Reference:

Annoyingly this healing actually worked. I half didn't want it to, but it did. For the first time in ages my shoulder was pain free during the night. During the treatment I felt a warm pleasant sensation in my chest area. I slept peacefully and well.

If you want to try a non invasive, and drug free pain relief, then this is certainly worth giving a go.

- Richard Acton.