Ultimate VIP Platinum Trade Mark Package

Ultimate VIP Platinum Trade Mark Package


Your logo. Your business name. Your content that you poured hours of your life into.

You know you need a trade mark, but you’re not sure where to start.

And it’s true… securing a trade mark can be a lengthy, intensive process. It’s easy to put off, ultimately risking your business’s bottom line.

It’s even easier to let Céleste from GRAND IPR take care of the Trade Mark Registration.

This is the Ultimate VIP PLATINUM package - where Céleste takes care of most of the things needed, however she does require some information from you. When that is done you lean back and focus on what you are good at!

Celeste can register your trade mark faster than you can because of her extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the trade mark legislation. She also has strategic ways of dealing with things and understands the terminology.

✅Legal consultation in the creative phase 1 hour if necessary.

✅Handle all the paperwork and communication with the trademark authority. 

✅Ensuring the legality of all transactions, stop scam artists from charging false fees from you.

✅ Ensuring that your company's brand is categorised correctly in relation to the Nice classifications. 

✅Handling any infringements during the registration period and for 6 months after.

In addition, you receive a complimentary in-person VIP Day to kick-start the whole process. During your treatment, you are pampered by Céleste with a full-body healing session and a bars session, complete with questions to open up conversations about all of the infinite possibilities out there. Céleste finds a suitable venue for the event. You just show up at the appointed time and place.

Both Bars & Healing sessions are conducted fully clothed. The healing is a full body treatment where she places her hands on or very close to your body and sends universal energy through it.

A bars treatment consists of accessing 32 points on your head that connect to different aspects of your life, accompanied by questions and clearing statements. Céleste mentors you through this process with calm direction.

Your future benefit:

you will have gone through the healing and bars sessions to help you get into the right frame of mind and have been mentored by her all the way forward. On top of this your trade mark is registered and as such much more valuable not only to you but to potential investors or people who desire purchasing licenses to sell your products or services.


You are in a much safer position to take your work to the market in a bigger and bolder way. You are even safer when it comes to

  1. Licensing

  2. Taking on investors

  3. Handling theft

  4. Eventual sale of your business - even though that is not your focus right now

There are significant advantages to owning intellectual property rights. SMEs that invest in the protection of their intellectual property have 29% higher revenue per employee, about six times as many employees, as well as the fact that those companies pay 20% higher wages than companies that do not own intellectual property rights as a study conducted by the EU back in 2015 showed.


✅National reg. fee included

✅There will be a lunch and refreshments during the day included

✅ As an extra bonus there will be a celebration when the certificate arrives to mark the successful registration - details to be revealed shortly beforehand.

No refunds.

Invest in Yourself and Your Business - Purchase Today

Healing Reference:

I was feeling very “out of sorts,” mentally and physically, but after Celeste’s healing on a very comfortable couch, I was relaxed and rested.  Later that day, I had a great evening out and went to bed feeling calm.  

The following day, I enjoyed my gym workout (focussing on the exercises better than usual) meeting a friend for lunch and doing the shopping.  I felt lightness and optimism - a sense of being happy.  My mind felt clear and I was able to tackle some outstanding admin tasks.  

This treatment involves no input from the patient - just to be open to receive the healing energy which Celeste transfers.  

Your future benefit from this treatment could be to “rebalance” back to a feeling of wellbeing and thus make you stronger for dealing with day to day life.   

-Sarah Elizabeth Smith


Annoyingly this healing actually worked. I half didn't want it to, but it did. For the first time in ages my shoulder was pain free during the night. During the treatment I felt a warm pleasant sensation in my chest area. I slept peacefully and well.

If you want to try a non invasive, and drug free pain relief, then this is certainly worth giving a go.

- Richard Acton.