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Guest Speaker

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Find your trade mark and why you need one?

Céleste Reumert Refn specialises in registering trade marks worldwide, she speaks about what can be done when people are afraid of putting their best work out there. 

From the creative phase of your logo or business name to the registered brand Céleste is there to support you ensuring, that there is no prior registration in order for you not to waste time, money and energy by trying to register something that the authorities will reject. 

She takes pride in helping  somebody like you who’s worked so hard for your business, to make everything work  avoid that all of a sudden somebody swoops in from the sidelines and steals your hard work. 

From her book: ‘Control Your Own Copyright, Trade mark & More…’ Céleste will be sharing tidbits that will help you understand the various types of intellectual property rights.  This talk is for you if you are a coach, trainer, speaker, author, consultant or anyone who shares their work on-line. Imagine your book became as big as “Think & Grow Rich”?  You will definitely want to protect your work.

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“Dear Céleste, Thank you so much for your excellent presentation about “Intellectual Property Rights” at GLOBAL-Network, Hørsholm Group. You managed to make a - for many business owners - complex business subject understandable. Without “threat”, you highlighted the consequences of not having protected what a company might or ought to protect. It relates to a company’s real asset / assets floating unprotected around the universe. You use brilliant examples / references that makes it easier for your audience to identify with the challenges and possible solutions.The participants in the network were very pleased with your presentation.