Read, below or watch videos, of what clients have to say in their references for GRAND IPR®️

Céleste has helped me in the middle of the process of having the trade mark registered, the logo and the company name Powerjobsoegerne. It was a huge help to me, and I regret not knowing that such an option was possible from the beginning because the whole process would have gone faster and smoother.

I recommend to all start ups that they make use of Célestes skills in relation to the trade mark registration - the process will be much swifter and you avoid having to deal with all the correspondance that comes with it.
Céleste has an enormous amount of professional knowledge and is highly devoted to her vocation.
— Malene Gregaard Wilsly

This is for her book
‘Control your own Copyright Trade mark & more...’:

As business owners or entrepreneurs we often overlook trademarks when planning, setting up and creating the branding for a new business, product or service. We often only start to consider getting trademarks further down the line once our business is established and successful. Unfortunately this often turns out to be a costly and stressful mistake!

Please don’t let this happen to you, read this clear, informative and essential guide to trademarks and intellectual property today.

Gain an understanding of what is a trademark. This book contains answers all your questions about intellectual property such as; Why protecting your brand or product name is important, How a registered trademark can become a valuable business asset.

Get Peace of mind and clarity by using the valuable information contained within this book, take action to protect your name, your business name the names of your products and services, before someone else does, and you loose the rights to use those names.

— Ian Wilson

I had an opportunity to read ‘Control Your Copyright, Trade Mark & More....’ by Céleste Reumert Refn.

It provided an insight that I was fully able to follow to consider my options for my business. As I am not given to reading technical detail as I lose interest quite quickly, this book was less effort to read and provided the clarity that I was hoping for. It covers all aspects so it was easy to find the area I was looking for, which was brands. Well recommended.
— Reg Goslin

Dear Céleste, Thank you so much for your excellent presentation about “Intellectual Property Rights” at GLOBAL-Network, Hørsholm Group. You managed to make a - for many business owners - complex business subject understandable. Without “threat”, you highlighted the consequences of not having protected what a company might or ought to protect. It relates to a company’s real asset / assets floating unprotected around the universe. You use brilliant examples / references that makes it easier for your audience to identify with the challenges and possible solutions.The participants in the network were very pleased with your presentation.
— Sincerely Jørgen Søndergaard Moderator

This video below is in Danish!

I have contacted GRAND IPR®️ a few times and I have felt every single time that I was in knowledgable hands and got stellar advice that I can really use. I recommend to anyone who has a brand they want to protect to seek guidance and assistance here. Thanks for the help.
— Helle Bodeholdt - on FB Helle gave GRAND IPR 5 stars rating

I, Peter Franklin Würtz, contacted Céleste, at GRAND IPR®️, following an interaction on LinkedIn. We needed to ensure the company’s assets properly during the start-up phase because there are already quite a few who are interested in what we can and do. Céleste has a simple trade mark package solution that we bought and we actually received more advice than originally agreed. We appreciated that. I recommend that other start ups make use of her knowledge in the field of trade marks. Today our trademark is registered in Denmark, and it gives a certain peace of mind. We will continue with registration in other countries along the way. Thank you very much! Peter
— Peter Franklin Würtz,

Thanx, Celeste for insightful and annoyingly good advice - that made me rethink aspects of our product launch.
— Peter Neville

I recently had a Skype conversation with Céleste from GRAND IPR®️ about helping her publish her first book on Intellectual Property Rights. We connected straight away and I was very impressed with the fact that she spoke so many languages. I loved her energy and passion for her business, wanting to share her message and help business owners avoid getting in trouble regarding their intellectual property. I highly recommend getting in touch with her, she is a real source of knowledge and she will save you much time and trouble.
— Chrystel Melhuish

Céleste is a sharp advisor who exhibits efficiency, precision and knowledge in her work. With a targeted and competent structure, she quickly drills down to the core of the case - delivering accurate answers, advice and guidance. It has therefore been a pleasure for me cooperating with Céleste.
— Bjarne Mattila

Awesome Céleste Reumert Refn your voice is so lovely, it makes me feel like I could curl up in your expertise and feel safe with what you have to offer.
— Wendy Dumaresq

Thank you Celeste for guiding and supporting me with integrity and empathy through my recent difficult and confusing IP issue. I am very grateful.
— Lorraine Ferrier, Fertility Joy

Aaaahhh, it feels good to have the legal details regarding intellectual property rights in my little empire in order and down in black and white. Thank you GRAND IPR®️
— Annette Wernblad

As an ex-IP lawyer it’s really great to see you getting the message out there Céleste. There is so much confusion out there about how to copyright and trade mark things. Your work is such an important and often forgotten area. I am constantly hearing about people whose work has been “stolen” in one form or another. So I would encourage people to contact you to find out how easy it can be to protect it.
— The former IPR lawyer, Jane Tai