Your business is your livelihood. It’s also the livelihood of your family, your employees and their families, in some cases even the livelihood of your community. What happens if that is all jeopardised because of a lack of protection? If you consider yourself to be a creative, innovative, or a scale-up, you may see the value in what you create yet don’t know where to begin because there is so much to keep track of with regard to trademark registration?

Did You Know?

Businesses that register their brand as a trade mark, make more money than the ones that don't.

Businesses that register their brand as a trade mark pay higher salaries than the ones that don't.

Those same businesses employ more people than the ones that don't register their brand as a trade mark.

The average cost of not registering your IP is £6,000 in lost time, legal fees etc.?

Imagine the impact that it would create in the world around you, if you took the time to find the budget for this important aspect of your business!

You don’t need to know the law or which documents to complete and submit. By letting a professional handle the registration process, you get to do what you know best while still protecting your business and all of your intellectual property rights. There’s no need to waste time, money and energy on an area of business life that you would rather not even think about. But you DO need to think about it, long enough to take action towards protecting yourself and those relying on you.

Contact me today and let me handle the rest, such as fighting your corner if someone encroaches upon your rights in the registration phase.

This e-book is for you if you desire knowing:

* How to stop competitors from stealing your brand and content, so that you can play a bigger game in business

* How protecting your brand can build your confidence in business and create more sales

* Why protecting your brand increases its value and reputation

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GRAND IPR®️ is global!

Apart from a few local variations, the legislation related to IPR is more or less the same all over the world. Therefore, I can help you no matter where you live.

As a small business owner, you need to make sure you give your business the legal protection it needs. In this video, Céleste Reumert Refn gives you top tips to get started with legally protecting your business.

Fun fact #1: Céleste created the word Smashtastic one day - just because she was able to. #Smashtastic

Fun fact #2: Céleste comes from a long line of creatives and she understands your language! #Creative

References. Social Proof. Testimonials

[…]For me, as a Creative, a Soloprenuer, and a Visibility Business Coach, whenever I heard ‘copyrights/trademarks” in the past, I thought “well that’s not for me”. Celeste’s well paced and informative webinar showed me differently! As she explained, trademarks are to protect my Intellectual Property…which is whatever I am inspired to Create. Which is, everything I do![…]


(The full reference can be found here

Céleste has helped me in the middle of the process of having the trade mark registered, the logo and the company name Powerjobsoegerne. It was a huge help to me, and I regret not knowing that such an option was possible from the beginning because the whole process would have gone faster and smoother.

I recommend to all start ups that they make use of Célestes skills in relation to the trademark registration - the process will be much swifter and you avoid having to deal with all the correspondance that comes with it. 

Céleste has an enormous amount of professional knowledge and is highly devoted to her vocation.



“ I have contacted GRAND IPR®️ a few times and I have felt every single time that I was in knowledgable hands and got stellar advice that I can really use. I recommend to anyone who has a brand they want to protect to seek guidance and assistance here. Thanks for the help.”



“Thank you Celeste for guiding and supporting me with integrity and empathy through my recent difficult and confusing IP issue. I am very grateful. ”



“Dear Céleste, Thank you so much for your excellent presentation about “Intellectual Property Rights” at GLOBAL-Network, Hørsholm Group. You managed to make a - for many business owners - complex business subject understandable. Without “threat”, you highlighted the consequences of not having protected what a company might or ought to protect. It relates to a company’s real asset / assets floating unprotected around the universe. You use brilliant examples / references that makes it easier for your audience to identify with the challenges and possible solutions.The participants in the network were very pleased with your presentation. ”



“I, Peter Franklin Würtz, contacted Céleste, at GRAND IPR®️, following an interaction on LinkedIn. We needed to ensure the company’s assets properly during the start-up phase because there are already quite a few who are interested in what we can and do. Céleste has a simple trade mark package solution that we bought and we actually received more advice than originally agreed. We appreciated that. I recommend that other start ups make use of her knowledge in the field of trademarks. Today our trade mark is registered in Denmark, and it gives a certain peace of mind. We will continue with registration in other countries along the way. Thank you very much! Peter”


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Although GRAND IPR®️ is global, there is no such thing as a “global trade mark”. Thus, it may be necessary for you to register your trade mark in more than one country, depending on your circumstances.

Another thing to consider is that some countries register copyrights. This may be something you need to do, too.


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