Say Yes to Increased Income and a Greater Impact in Business! (Published on July 2, 2018 on LinkedIn)

The information below could save you an absolute fortune in lost revenue!

 Is your brand really safe without a registration? How would it feel if your brand was stolen?Are you leaving money on the table when it comes to your business?

This could all happen to you if your brand is without legal protection. I know you are a savvy business owner who wants a professional business and successful results from your hard work. That is why I am sharing this information with you.

No one is in business to feel inadequate or to play the underdog.

You are here to feel confident and to play “a bigger game” in your business. 

But that comes with risks, doesn’t it? You don’t have to doubt your intellectual capital and your content, you have the right to feel safe and have peace of mind.

Nagging Fear

You want to be able to share what is on your mind, inspire others without fears nagging at the back of your mind.

  • “Don’t share the best of your content.”

  • “Don’t show others your logo.”

  • “Don’t show off your design.”

  • “Someone is going to steal my concept.”

  • “Someone might steal my work and my brand.”

However, you can’t create a lucrative business for yourself if you hide behind those fears. It’s those fears that may be stopping you from enjoying the lifestyle you want, the lifestyle you’re in business to create!

In order to be able to do this, you need to confidently and proudly share your best content, without these fears tripping you up. It’s important for you to stay in your zone of Genius,feeling secure in the knowledge that your brand is protected.

I can help with this, however I am not your typical lawyer, I am in the business of protecting brands such as yours, I am The Trade Mark Empress.

 Why Trademark Your Brand?

Simply put, you will feel successful knowing your money isn't wasted and that your brand is Trade Marked.

I offer an approachable solution to get your brand protected as fast as possible worldwide. What is different about me is that I am a Master of Law rather than a lawyer. I will help you use the law to protect your business, your brand, your livelihood.

Too often, I have observed the heartbreaking results of someone like you, who’s worked hard for your business then had someone else swoop in from the sidelines with something similar, steal the brand and register it lightning-fast. The “robber” takes it to market and reaps all of the economic benefits. You are then left with nothing and your world is shattered.

However, if you’ve been responsible and proactive about protecting your rights, legal action can be taken. That is what fills me with enthusiasm for what I do! I help people prevent all of that from ever happening!

I also feel great enthusiasm about empowering savvy business owners, such as yourself, to create a bigger impact, make more money, and go out into the world doing the work that you love. I do this through the protection of your brand.

In other words, you will have a legitimate business. Think about that for a minute.

I’ve Been There, Done That

Before setting up my own business, I gained experience working at the Artists Legal Aid in Copenhagen for more than three years. Amongst other things, I was hired because of the fire burning inside me, a fire that propelled me forward as a brand & content protector and intellectual capital mentor.

For a short period of time, I was a legal intern at an extremely well-renowned law firm, formerly known as MAQS, now known as NJORD Law firm. I did research and background work relating to a chapter in a book regarding the practical side of enforcement of intellectual property rights.

I have worked with clients in both Denmark, Australia and the UK , offering a professional Brand & Content service for an array of businesses. I have been interviewed by several people regarding this topic - been on various podcasts, hosted webinars and I have spoken at business events and to larger audiences, all which fills me with an internal light and enthusiasm that I speak about it. 

Are you ready for the start signal on your Brand Protection?

This is exactly what you get when working with me:

• A one-hour consultation regarding your brand

• An in-depth search to see if something like your brand has already been


• Trade marking process handling from our offices

• All correspondence with trade mark authorities handled from my office

• A ceremony or celebration when the process is completed and the

registration certificate is delivered to you


• Your brand is protected

• You get to focus on staying in your zone of Genius

• You get to play a bigger game and have more impact in the marketplace

• You gain the ability to take legal action if/when others infringe upon your

intellectual capital

Remember, if your brand remains unprotected, you are at risk! Anyone can either copy or steal it, then go on to register it in their own name, thus leaving your entire world shattered. All that you will be able to do at that point is stand by and watch, gasp for air, and watch your dreams of becoming a huge success slowly disappear into a deep, dark abyss.

This should not happen to anyone! However, it’s a fact of life. It does happen, all too often. It’s time to make sure the backbone of your business is strong enough to support your success. It’s imperative that you make sure you have protection in place, because without protection of IPR, any business is at risk.

It’s time to say “Yes!” to increased income and a greater impact!

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