Do you consider yourself as a creative person? If so this post may be of interest to you!

When ever you are hit by inspiration as a creative or an innovative person, you are in fact creating something that you may perceive as "just" something you created perhaps for fun or "because you can" and may fail to see the actual value in it?

Many creative people take that point of view with regard to their creations. "Oh, that? Well, that is nothing special".

They couldn't be more wrong. If only you remembered to value yourself and your creations, you wouldn't find yourself in a situation where someone else has stolen your creation.

It is vital as an entrepreneur that you protect your creations!

When you speak about your creations us legal people talk about your Intellectual Property. Fact of the matter is it is one and the same thing.

You may very well feel that it is created from your heart, still we call it intellectual property. The important thing is to recognise that if you didn't create it, it would not come into being. Yes I realise that ideas float around and if one person doesn't act on it, somebody else will. Stil unless we were all robots there is always going to be something that makes what YOU do unique.

And let's face it, if it isn't unique it isn't protectable. It is as simple as that.

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