Avoid hostile take over?

Some time ago I shot a video on this topic and now I have written an article too so that there is something for those who don’t watch videos.

Have you ever wanted to invite in investors to fund your business?  

Finding investors is one way of growing your business and not a bad one either.  I just want to say that it isn’t the only way of growing your business. If you are doing it in a different way that is commendable. 

Some time ago I saw a video on Facebook about someone who had built up their business and was then looking to take on investors to grow their business. What happened next was that the investor did a hostile takeover of the business. The person was devastated, to say the least. They did not, however, let them selves be defeated so they got up dusted them selves of and began again. 

This is a real life story. I don’t know the person myself and I don’t know if they have gone on to protect the intellectual property in their business. That is beside the point. 

An investor will look at how the business is run. Are the assets protected or not? If they consider the business to be run in a ‘less than’ way they will consider their options for protecting their investments. 

They are business people and will do anything to protect themselves and their interests. This is the reason behind them doing the hostile takeover. 

One surefire way to avoiding that is to protect your business assets. One such asset is the trade mark. An other is trade secrets. Depending on what kind of business you have you might have more than one type of intellectual property rights and as such they are considered to be assets in your business. 

My advice is to contact me to hear how you can best protect your work. 


Céleste RR