Protecting YOUR rights is vital

Case study

While I was in the process of registering the trade mark for one of my clients he came to me telling me that he had found someone using part of his trade mark for their business. 

I asked him to furnish me with all the necessary information so that I might handle the issue for him. 

I then contacted the infringer and asked that they stop the infringement immediately. I did not hear back from this person for some time, but when I did it was explained to me that they had sought legal advice in the matter and were told that my client was in the right and they in the wrong. 

The infringer was then ‘forced’ to end the the infringement of my clients rights and consequently their business was closed down due to the fact that the name they wanted for their business hinged upon the use of that particular name. 

It is so sad to think back on this case since the other person involved had a brilliant business planned out, but that was completely crushed to smithereens due to the infringement.

It is sooo important when you start a business that you make absolutely sure that no one has a business name that is in any way shape or form similar to yours*. You risk loosing everything if you do not consult someone who knows about these things. 

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*depending on the types of business - but as a rule of thumb it is easier to register something unique.