Imagine a Baby laying in a cot smiling sweetly

Imagine a baby laying in a cot smiling sweetly, this baby will be nursed and nurtured by its parent through its various stages of development and growth A great deal of precious time will be spent on this little bundle of joy, time that the parent will never be able to reclaim.

However, the majority of this time passes by so rapidly.... and will go largely unnoticed by the parent as they know in their heart of hearts that this little bundle of joy is a blessing and is sure to enhance their life on so many levels, they had never even imagined possible. Imagine the pride this parent must be feeling as they look on, starry eyed at the beautiful infant they have given life to, it’s human after all nature to want to show the world, so that everyone can share the excitement and admire that lovely newborn of theirs!

Now for a moment let’s just step aside from the excitement and anticipation of the parent long enough to recognise that the new baby and the emotions that come with it, not only their family but also the lives of countless other people.

Eventually though they can share it with the world, letting others appreciate some form of benefit from their product or service. There are innumerous similarities between caring for a baby and nurturing a new idea in your business in fact a lot of people often refer to their new creation as a “brain child”. Maybe the term comes from the sleepless nights with teething problems? Maybe it comes from the vast amount of time swallowed up during its development, perhaps?

Imagine the horrible feeling of devastation that would be felt, the heart numbing sense of loss, standing by helpless, when someone copies, borrows or even worse steals your 'brain child', a child that has no ability to contradict the unscrupulous person when they proceed to tell the world that it is theirs. There genuinely are unscrupulous people out there who WILL steal your idea.

They will steal your design they will, to all intents and purposes, steal the one thing that may have guaranteed a bright future for you its creator. Intellectual Property Rights are the backbone of any business, without a backbone any structure collapses. Without protecting your intellectual property all of your valuable time and effort could be rendered useless to you by thieves and consequently your business may collapse in on itself.

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