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This must have book on intellectual property rights explains to the savvy business owner.

  • What is intellectual property

  • How it is a valuable business asset

  • The step you need to take to fully protect your intellectual property assets

who should read this book

This book is aimed at artists, musicians, programmers, creative designers as well as the owners of small to medium sized enterprises (SME).

Who all have one thing in common, in that they want to create and build assets from their creative endeavours. Which is worth many times more than just the fire sale value of the physical assets.


Unfortunately not a week goes by without hearing some horror story in the press, or on social media about a business owner who had their product idea legally stolen by their competitors or a big powerful corporation.

Sometimes even losing the right to use their business or personal name.

Forcing them to undergo all the stress and cost renaming and rebranding the business, creating a new website, and not to mention the shame of having to explain to your customers why!

Would you just throw in the towel?

No wonder so many just give up all together.
Totally letting go of their dreams and passion.
The blood sweat and tears they endured for years in order to create and get the business off the ground.
Just closing the business down.


It’s Now Time to Take Control

Be confident in the knowledge that you do own intellectual property rights, either as a creative person or as business assets in various ways.

Understand and be knowledgeable about the different type of intellectual property rights.

Have the knowledge of what to do When someone steals your intellectual capital.

Discover how you can easily control your intellectual property.

Learn about possible financial advantages to owning intellectual property!

How does it get any better than that?


Reader’s Reviews

As business owners or entrepreneurs we often overlook trademarks when planning, setting up and creating the branding for a new business, product or service. We often only start to consider getting trademarks further down the line once our business is established and successful. Unfortunately this often turns out to be a costly and stressful mistake!
— Ian Wilson: Photographer and Small business Owner
It provided an insight that I was fully able to follow to consider my options for my business. As I am not given to reading technical detail as I lose interest quite quickly, this book was less effort to read and provided the clarity that I was hoping for. It covers all aspects so it was easy to find the area I was looking for, which was brands. Well recommended.
— Reg. Goslin : Improving Performance - Personal Coaching
This book is written by my friend, Céleste Reumert Refn. It is aimed at non-lawyers and provides a general, popular introduction to a number of intellectual property law provisions. I think it is well written.
— Morten Rosenmeier: Professor of Copyright Law, University of Copenhagen

About the Author: Céleste Reumert Refn


Céleste, is a fully-trained Master of Law specialising in brand & content protection, copyrights, and trademarks.

Her mission is to help or inspire you to understand and appreciate the importance of protecting your business' intellectual property rights, content, and thus your livelihood. With less worrying about your brand comes more time to spend staying in your zone of genius, on growing your business… and more profits!

She has been fascinated by the law since an early age, and for good reason: her maternal grandfather founded his own legal empire, practicing under the name of Reumert & Partnere, later known as Kroman Reumert.

Later in her life, after failing to find the same sense of zealousness and duty in other career paths, she found herself again drawn to the law, completing a Masters Degree in Law (LLM) at the University of Copenhagen. After more than three years with the Artists Legal Aid, she felt called to found GRAND IPR®️.

Today, her vision, commitment, and expertise combine to help small-to-medium sized businesses feel confident when it comes to trade marking their brand and content, empowering them to feel peace of mind and true protection.

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Just to wet your appetite here is a juicy snippet from the book:

What is intellectual property?
Intellectual Property is something unique that you physically create. It can also be referred to as a brain child — a lot of people think that an idea can be protected or that a brand or business name can be patented! However, an idea alone is not intellectual property and therefore, as such, is not protectable.

When you have read the book you then have a clear idea of what kind of Intellectual Property Rights you have either in your business or as a professional person.

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ISBN: 978-87-970995-0-6


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