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Legal advice to Creatives and Innovators:

- such as Copyrights advice, Trademark Registration, Terms & Conditions

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Trademark Registration Package

Full service registration package:

Your logo. Your business name. Your content that you poured hours of your life into. You know you need a trademark, but you’re not sure where to start. And it’s true… securing a trademark can be a lengthy, intensive process. It’s easy to put off, ultimately risking your business bottom line.

It’s even easier to let the team at Grand IPR take care of the Trademark Registration. We will:

  • Register your brand in Denmark, the U.K., the E.U., or wherever else you might be in need of Trademark Protection.

  • Handle all paperwork and communication with the trademark authorities.

  • Ensure the legality of all transactions, stopping scam artists from charging you false fees.

  •  Trademark Search various registers and make sure you infringe no one.

  • Ensure your business is categorised correctly in relation to the Nice classifications.

  • Infringements handling in the registration period.

It all starts with a personal consultation about Your Brand needs. I’ll take it from there, guiding you through the 6-12 months trademark process with ease.

Not included in the price is the registration fee itself plus the fees for searching the relevant registers.

Your investment is only £3.197,00 VAT included.

Legal advice in the Creative phase

Ready to jump into the development phase of your trademark or brand? It may surprise you to know that not everything can (or should!) be registered as a trademark. Do you know the criteria? Does your graphic designer?

We can consult with you and your designer, or even recommend graphic designers who we’ve worked with and trust! No matter the process, we’ll ensure your graphics will meet all legal standards, allowing you to swiftly and successfully complete the trademark process.

Your investment starts at just £367. VAT included.



A lot of people create content to be shared either on-line of off-line. People sometimes forget that what they find on-line is in fact not something for them to use as they see fit. Particularly the younger generations that grow up now in the times of the information age where everything more or less can be found on-line.

Do you know how to protect your Content? If not feel free to reach out to us and we will help you set the wheels in motion to protect your Intellectual Property. Click the button to book a session in our calendar today!

Take a look at the various options for Copyright protection below under other protection options!

Unique Terms & Conditions

- for Coaches & Therapists.

Are you a coach or therapist? If you do not have Terms and Conditions for your client work, you may be wasting- or leaving money on the table.

These terms and conditions are truly unique because they are not solely therapist or coach centric, no infact they are a win win kind of terms & conditions because both parties are in focus.

We’re here to make your Terms and Conditions easy to understand and a win for all parties. Let us do the work -- secure your coaching or therapy work today!

Your investment is just £697,00. VAT included

Other Protection Choices - More Copyright

Content creator:

Do you lie awake at night wondering if someone is stealing your content? Your brand that you’ve spent hours establishing, your website that you poured hundreds of pounds sterling into, your logo that perfectly encapsulates your unique business… all of this and more is at stake when you fail to protect your intellectual property.

You lose clients, leave your reputation vulnerable, and find yourself sick with worry. It’s heartbreaking when the worst happens, and even more so, it’s make-or-break for your bottom line.

When your intellectual property rights are infringed upon, GRAND IPR is there to help. Put your business in the best of hands. Choose from a variety of consultation options to fit your needs:

  • Our basic consultation: A 1-hour in-depth conversation or strategy call meant to provide you with clarity and direction about your next steps.

  • Your investment £367

  • Our favorite consultation: For those cases that are a bit more complex, a 3-hour session to tackle all intellectual property issues at hand.

  • Your investment £.97700 = 10% reduction

  • Our most popular consultation: The ultimate in flexibility and attentiveness, this 10-hour strategy session, that can be broken down into the increments of your choice.

  • Your investment £ 3077.00 = 15% reduction

  • The most valueable package is of course the full service trademark package.
     It all starts with a personal consultation about your content, brand, and intellectual property needs. We’ll take it from there, guiding you through the 6-12 month trademark process with ease.
    Your investment is only £3.197,00. VAT included

Public Speaking

Event Creator:

Are you in need of a speaker for your next event?

Let me bring our enthusiasm for protecting your Copyrights & Trademarks to center stage. With wit, wisdom, and warmth, I’ll add value to your next summit, business intensive, workshop, or webinar.

Your colleagues and clients will be amazed at how simple it is to understand the hallmarks of Brand & Content protection.

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Céleste speaking at an event at Kort Sagt november 2017

Céleste speaking at an event at Kort Sagt november 2017

Additional services: 

At a later stage GRAND IPR is going to offer Transformational Retreats in relation to Brand & Content Protection with a Holistic twist.

Platinum Level Clients: - Retreats

“I don’t know if my brand is able to be trademarked.”

“I’m not sure how to register my content.”

“I’m overwhelmed by the thought of trademarking my product- or service Brand. I don’t even know where to begin.”

At GRAND IPR, you’re not alone. When you become a Platinum Level Client, I’ll make the trademark process painless -- in fact, I’ll make it enjoyable. No matter your business or brand, we’re here to:

  • Take you on a transformational journey to a 'secret' destination, it will probably be a tropical island.

  • Offer easy-to-understand explanations, rather than complicated legal jargon.

  • Explain regulations and criteria as they relate to your business.

  • And other transformational sessions during the event.

Plus, when you become a Platinum Level Client, you’ll enjoy added perks like the use of our unique registration symbol. This elite icon illustrates your commitment to protecting your brand like nothing else can.

Call me directly at +45 42 47 42 22 to learn more details on the upcoming Retreat.

I will keep you posted. 


In addition to this an IPR mentoring program is in the making:

More about this later.