So it all started when I was a rather young person, I was fascinated by the law, probably because my maternal grandfather founded his own legal empire. Reumert & Partnere was the name then, Kroman Reumert is the name now after a fusion with an other large law office.

Then later I somehow managed to convince my self, that I was not up for it. Later in life I changed my mind and applied to the University of Copenhagen and got accepted. I worked in the Artists Legal Aid for more than 3 years and then decided to start my own business. Et voilà.

We, at GRAND IPR, help small to medium sized businesses to feel confident in trademarking their brand, so they can feel at ease knowing their brand is protected and go on to create more impact by playing a bigger game in business. I do this through an approachable mentoring package, where I help clients complete the trademarking process.



Take a look at my videos, so far there are 4 in English and one in Danish. The videos are about the different kinds of rights and why it is so important to protect your business assets.  If you can not find them on this page they are also available at or my FB page:

Photo Heidi Maxmilling